Where To Find The Waterway Dead Drop In MW2 DMZ

Where To Find The Waterway Dead Drop In MW2 DMZ
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17th Feb 2023 11:54

The MW2 DMZ mode features a variety of dumpster dead drops found on the different maps that players can use to complete certain faction missions or reduce the cooldown of Secured Slot. The Waterways dead drop is needed to complete the Break Check faction mission in MW2 DMZ to earn XP and other rewards. 

Keep reading our guide as we share the exact location of the Waterways dead drop in MW2 DMZ.

Where To Find The Waterway Dead Drop In MW2 DMZ

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In MW2 DMZ, you will find the Waterways dead drop in a tunnel near Port Ashika. To reach the dead drop location, start a DMZ match on the Ashika Island map and make your way towards the south part of the map to Port Ashika. 

Here is a map screenshot that shares the location of the tunnel entrance that leads to The Waterways dead drop:

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Once you are at the tunnel entrance, stick to the right side. Eventually, you will reach a big cave room with the dumpster dead drop. Interact with it and move the Ashika Hard Drive to dead drop to complete the challenge and the Break Check faction mission. 

In case you don't know much about the Break Check faction mission there are three objectives:

  • Locate the Crash site near the Observatory.
  • Find and extract the hard drive near the crash site.
  • Drop the hard drive in the Waterways Dead drops in Ashika Island.

To complete the mission, you must first hop into the Al Mazrah map and then make your way to The Observatory to retrieve the Ashika Hard Drive from a crash site.

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Once that is done, you must add the Hard Drive to your inventory and hop into the Ashika Island map to deliver it to the Waterways dead drop. Doing so will complete the Break Check faction mission.

That concludes our guide on where to find The Waterways dead drop location in Modern Warfare 2. For more on MW2 DMZ, keep reading GGRecon. 

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