How To Complete The Poisoned Well Mission In MW2 DMZ

How To Complete The Poisoned Well Mission In MW2 DMZ
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20th Feb 2023 16:17

The MW2 DMZ Poisoned Well faction mission is giving people a lot of trouble, as its tasks are both tricky and rather confusing to boot. This is not abnormal in MW2 DMZ, but once you actually understand what you need to do it isn't too tricky. So, check out the rest of this guide below to find out how to complete the Poisoned Well in MW2 DMZ.

How To Complete The Poisoned Well In MW2 DMZ

How To Complete the Poisoned Well in MW2 DMZ
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In order to complete the MW2 DMZ Poisoned Well faction mission, you must first fulfil the two task requirements. They are as follows:

  • Obtain six Gas Grenades in one deployment.
  • Throw Gas Grenades into six water wells at Zarqwa Hydroelectic.

While this is fairly straightforward in that there isn't a lot that you need to do, the two tasks can actually be quite difficult to complete.

Completion of the mission, however, will give you a whopping 30,000 XP, alongside the Blood Soaked Operator skin - in case you wanted your character to seem a bit weathered.

How To Obtain Six Gas Grenades In One Deployment

How To Obtain Six Gas Grenades in One Deployment
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This is perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of this quest, as in theory, you will have to do a fair amount of searching in order to get all six - and have a bit of luck on your side too.

Considering that you could go through the effort of getting all of the Gas Grenades and then die before actually getting to do the second part, it can get quite frustrating and repetitive. Thankfully though there is a bit of a cheat way to get your hands on six of the toxic canisters a bit quicker, we will also go over the standard route too if you don't fancy the easy way.

For the easy way, make sure that your loadout has the Tear Gas Grenade equipped in the Tactical slot, and also ensure that you have the Munitions Box Field Upgrade equipped too. What you'll want to do is open up your inventory as soon as you load into Al Mazrah, then make sure to stow the Gas Grenade that you currently have equipped.

Then, use the Munitions Box Field Upgrade and collect your two new Gas Grenades. This is the limit for your own Munitions Box, but this process can of course be repeated twice more if you have two friends willing to help you out - they can even do the same in return too. Otherwise, you will need to find the other three in the traditional manner.

If you're looking for Gas Grenades in the open plains of Al Mazrah, thankfully they can be found in most standard loot locations. You will want to pay particular attention to Supply Crates, Ammo Boxes, and Gas Stations, but they can also spawn in pretty much every other bag you will find too. You'll just need a bit of luck on your side as always.

How To Throw Gas Grenades In Six Water Wells At Zarqwa Hydroelectric

How To Throw Gas Grenades in Six Water Wells at Zarqwa Hydroelectric
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So, you've got all six of your grenades, but aren't sure what to do with them? As the task suggests, you will need to plunge them into the six water wells at the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Point of Interest, but this isn't exactly clear if you don't know what you're looking for.

In essence, you will want to throw a Gas Grenade in each of the small isolated pools found within the Zarqwa Hydroelectric area. You must throw one in each of the designated pools, and you are unable to use multiple grenades on one pool.

Thankfully, we have marked where each of the pools are on the map found above, but they are generally found in a cluster on the small island in the middle of the POI. You don't need to extract either, so just make sure you've hit all of the spots and the mission will be complete.

You can get an idea of what the pools will look like on Zarqwa Hydroelectic by playing the multiplayer map of the same name, but do be wary that they are in a different place due to the map not being identical in the DMZ mode.

You will definitely need to gear up in preparation though, as this POI is one of the more heavily guarded areas on Al Mazrah. Definitely head in with a couple of friends if you can, and ensure that you've got enough plates and stronger armour on your person.

So, that's how to complete the MW2 DMZ Poisoned Well mission, giving you the tips you need to succeed. If you've got a key but don't know where to use it, make sure to check out these MW2 DMZ key locations for all of the spots on Al Mazrah.

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