Who Are Ya Answer Today: Thursday 15 September 2022

Who Are Ya Answer Today: Thursday 15 September 2022
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Jake Bannister


15th Sep 2022 00:10

Who Are Ya is a popular spin-off to the growing world of online word games and puzzles, with a focus on finding a hidden football player each day. Players are given the option to choose whether they want a very blurred, and practically unhelpful, photo to get them going, or to go directly into trying to solve the player without any help whatsoever. 

Each day there is a new player to find from the ‘Big 5’ leagues in Europe, but don’t think it’s as easy as it sounds, as even days when it’s a player you know, certain things can slip your mind and make it near impossible to get the answer every day. Fear not though, as that’s where we have you covered to help you get there before the final 8th attempt.


Before we reveal the answer, it’s worth pointing out there may be a way to figure out the answer before going straight into the solution for the day. In case you weren't aware, you’ve got eight attempts to get the answer and you’re not rewarded for how quickly you get there, so it’s worth giving all seven guesses a go before revealing the answer. 

When you submit an answer, if you manage to get any of the six options right, it will highlight green and give you a helping hand towards the Who Are Ya player answer, so it might be worth giving it a go before you have a look at the answer below. 

We hope that gave you a little helping hand to figure out the player today, but if not, don’t worry as we have the answer for you below. 

This is your last chance to turn back and try to figure out the answer yourself, so be warned, if you scroll down any further you will see the answer for today. If not and you’re all out of guesses, then scroll on down and see the answer.

You’re here, and it’s worth mentioning there’s no shame in looking at the answer, as today’s Who Are Ya answer really was a tough one, so don’t be too hard on yourself for revealing the answer. 

Today’s Who Are Ya answer on Thursday 15th September 2022, is Hakim Ziyech.

We were happy to help you solve this today, and if you get stuck on any other day, check back here as we’ll have you covered every day throughout the season. 

We also cover many other word game answers if you're stuck elsewhere such as the Nerdle Answer Today, or even a helping hand with the Weaver Answer Today and many more. 

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