MultiVersus Marvin The Martian Guide: Combos, Perks, Special, And More

MultiVersus Marvin The Martian Guide: Combos, Perks, Special, And More
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28th Nov 2022 16:54

The MultiVersus Marvin the Martian guide is here as another member of the Looney Tunes gang has joined the fray. He is the first new character to join the game following the end of the MultiVersus Monster Mash and the beginning of Season 2. For more information about this intruder from outer space, keep reading our MultiVersus Marvin the Martian guide.

MultiVersus Marvin The Martian Guide: Overview

Marvin the Martian summons multiple projectiles in MultiVersus.
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Marvin the Martian is a lightweight fighter in MultiVersus who excels at knocking opponents upward as a Vertical fighter. Although he is classified as an Assassin, he is Mage-esque in his ability to control the battlefield with a number of projectiles.

Marvin the Martian is also an Expert character with secondary effects on multiple moves. This includes his grounded and aerial neutral-normals, which produce a bubble projectile that can reflect enemy projectiles or envelop ally projectiles.

MultiVersus Marvin The Martian Guide: Specials

Marvin the Martian crouches near his down-special in MultiVersus.
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For his neutral-special in MultiVersus, Marvin the Martian uses his K-62 Projectile Modulator. In doing so, he presses a red button, dealing slight damage and knockback to nearby opponents. More importantly, this move briefly pauses Marvin and his ally’s active projectiles before sending them in the opposite direction. On cooldown, this attack is merely the weak button press.

His grounded side-special is the Acme Space-Time Rifle. Marvin shoots a projectile that pulls enemies toward him on contact. This move does not have any effect on cooldown. Meanwhile, Marvin’s aerial side-special is called Centurion Headbutt. With this attack, Marvin lunges forward headfirst and pops any enemies he hits up into the air.

Marvin’s up-special is To Me, My Glorious Ship! He jumps upward while playing the trumpet, summoning a spaceship in the process. This spaceship functions as a platform and will also shoot a heavy projectile rocket toward Marvin after a brief charging period. However, opponents can deal damage to the ship to destroy it before it launches the rocket. On cooldown, Marvin simply jumps up while playing the trumpet, dealing damage and knockback to enemies he hits.

Finally, Marvin’s down-special is called …In the Name of Mars! He plants a flag in the ground, which he can charge in order to expand the hitbox, dealing vertical knockback in the process. Hitting this move will apply the Targeted debuff to opponents, which causes ally projectiles to home in on them. While the flag is planted, it creates a zone that will similarly apply Targeted to any enemies who interact with it. When he uses his down-special in the air, Marvin will fall onto the ground before planting his flag. 

MultiVersus Marvin The Martian Guide: Perks

Marvin the Martian's perk list in MultiVersus
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Like many other playable characters, Marvin the Martian has three signature perks in MultiVersus. R-33 Heat-Seekers causes his up-special spaceship to fire a homing missile at every opponent Marvin has targeted. Meanwhile, Space Invader lets Marvin aim his up-air like he can his grounded up-normal. Finally, K-62 Modulator Mark V gives Marvin’s projectiles a size and speed buff when he redirects them with his neutral-special. This buff is even larger for his teammate’s projectiles. 

In true Assassin fashion, Marvin benefits from an all-out offensive approach with three Offense perks. Deadshot ups the power of his projectiles, while Up, Up, and A-Slay! gives more power to his attacks that deal vertical knockback. He also benefits from the Static Electricity perk, which allows him to apply the debuff Shocked with a projectile after he has walked along the ground uninterrupted for four seconds.

MultiVersus Marvin The Martian Guide: Combos

Marvin the Martin uses his aerial side-special in MultiVersus.
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On the ground, the Acme-Space Time Rifle is a great combo starter for Marvin the Martian in MultiVersus. Since this move draws opponents toward him, he can easily follow up with a grounded side-normal combo before forcing his enemies into the air.

From there, the Centurion Headbutt is an integral part of his aerial combo game. Marvin can string together a mixture of neutral-air, up-air, down-air, forward-air and two aerial side-specials to rack up a great deal of damage with just one opening.

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