Destiny 2 Commendations Explained

Destiny 2 Commendations Explained
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Eoin Black


29th Aug 2022 11:48

Destiny 2 Commendations were unveiled during Bungie's 2022 showcase. The system is one of the many parts that will make up Destiny 2's new social overhaul coming with Lightfall in February of 2023. Alongside Guardian Ranks, Commendations will be a new way for players to show off their achievements and skills - this time in the form of social recognition. We're going to go over everything we know about Destiny 2 Commendations based on that showcase, including what Commendations are and their purpose in the wider Destiny ecosystem. 

Destiny 2 Commendations - What Are They

Destiny 2 Commendations Explained - end-screen Commendations
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Destiny 2 Commendations were introduced in the Bungie 2022 showcase as a part of Destiny 2's new social overhaul. It's coming with the new Guardian Rank system, as well as the long-awaited introduction of in-game Looking For Guardian (LFG) matchmaking. 

The Destiny 2 Commendations system that Bungie showed off looks similar to systems that already exist in a number of other games - namely Overwatch. At the end of an activity (no word on if there's a difference between PvE and PvP), you will be brought to a screen with each member of your Fireteam on it. You will then have a few seconds to click on any number of the players, and award them a Commendation based on what you think they deserve. 


 Commendations are split up into four distinct categories:

  • Ally
  • Fun
  • Mastery
  • Leadership

According to the technical mockup, Ally and Mastery each have four individual Commendations, Fun has three, and Leadership has two. So, all in all, there will be 13 unique Commendations available to be earned, if Bungie makes no changes between now and Lightfall (which they might). 

Destiny 2 Commendations: Why Are They Here?

Destiny 2 Commendations Explained - Profile
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The purpose of Destiny 2 Commendations is to serve as a way for Guardians to award one another at the end of difficult activities. A lot of the new Destiny social system revolves around incentivizing veteran Guardians to help out newer ones, and Commendations are an extension of that. 

The number of Commendations you have received will be displayed on your new Journey screen, which seems to be a new reimagining of the Triumph screen. So, they somewhat act as social proof for end-game Guardians. Particularly skilled players will receive Commendations from their Fireteam, and they'll then be able to show those Commendations off. 

The system isn't just limited to actual in-game ability, though. As mentioned, there are Commendation categories for both skill and leadership, sure, but there are categories for being fun to play with, as well as being a good teammate. 

It's possible that the Commendations system will be integrated into the new Guardian Rank grind, but the Destiny 2 2022 showcase didn't give us any practical examples of that. 

Destiny 2 Commendations: When Are They Arriving?

Destiny 2 Commendations are coming to the game once Lightfall launches in February of 2023. Alongside the system, we'll see Guardian Ranks, an in-game LFG, and in-game loadout functionality all implemented, as well. 

Of course, everything we've discussed here is based on technical mockups that may not be the same as the finished product. Fundamentally, though, the concept and reasoning behind Destiny 2 Commendations should remain the same, regardless. 

We'll just have to wait until Lightfall to see what exact shape the Commendations system takes, but there's no doubt it'll usher in an exciting new social era for Destiny 2

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