The Best Scary Horror Games Roblox

The Best Scary Horror Games Roblox
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22nd Feb 2023 16:27


Roblox is packed with plenty of games from different genres, including scary ones. However, horror fans might be spoilt for choice on where to start, with plenty of unique (and terrifying) creations from the Roblox community. In no particular order, let's get into the best scary horror games on Roblox that you can play right now.

The Best Scary Horror Games Roblox

Survive Sakura

best scary horror games roblox survive sakura
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Set in a Japanese high school, Survive Sakura has you take turns playing as a killer or survivor. This delightful mixture of adorable horror tasks survivors with finding keys to freedom whilst Sakura mercilessly hunts them down with her blade. 

The Mimic

best scary horror games roblox the mimic
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Putting you as a different character in one of four different stories based on Japanese folklore, The Mimic has you delve into the mysteries of each time. The mix is not only one of the best scary horror games on Roblox, but one of the best on the platform in general. 

Hunting Season

best scary horror games roblox hunting season
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Hunting Season feels like the ultimate endless fight for survival. Tasking you and your friends to survive continuous waves of the undead. Whether playing alone or with teammates - Hunting Season is a thrill from start to finish. 


best scary horror games roblox 3008
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It's you vs the monsters who apparently work at IKEA. Trapping you in an IKEA overnight, you'll need to survive the night against the store's hostile employees by crafting yourself a base with leftover furniture. Not only will it make you think differently about furniture shopping, but 3008 is also one of the best scary horror games in Roblox. 


best scary horror games roblox elmira
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A Roblox horror game starting with the premise of a school trip, Elmira soon becomes a haunting surprise of twists and turns. For true fans of dark horror, this narrative-driven Roblox game is not one to miss. 


best scary horror games roblox piggy
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Out of all the various TV and film icons adopted in Roblox genres, it's hard to believe Peppa Pig would be in a horror game, but here we are. With Peppa continuously chasing you across various maps and game modes, Piggy will have you hiding behind a cushion when you see a clip of the beloved children's cartoon from now on. 

Finders Keepers

best scary horror games roblox finders keepers
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Equipping you with only a flashlight in an abandoned house, Finders Keepers has you play as an investigator to solve the mystery at hand. You'll just need to survive in the meantime against the evil presence that stalks the halls.

Infectious Smile

best scary horror games roblox best scary horror games
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Letting you choose either the creepily happy Smilers or the victims, Infectious Smile is an easy pick for the best scary horror games in Roblox. If you want to play a Roblox horror game and come away feeling shaken, this is the one for you. 

Casual Board Game

best scary horror games roblox casual board game
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Ever wanted to use a Ouija board? Casual Board Game will put you through the horrific terrors that playing with one can bring. Utilising chilling sound effects and eerie beings, Casual Board Game is a horror experience you'll never forget.

Floppy's Playtime

best scary horror games roblox floppys playtime
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Sticking you in a haunting factory of toys, Floppy's Playtime turns childlike fun into horrific terror. With the monstrous Floppy on your tail, his namesake game will make its puzzles and running for survival all the more thrilling when you succeed. 

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