Roblox Headless Horseman Bundle Is Scamming Players

Roblox Headless Horseman Bundle Is Scamming Players
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Tom Chapman


12th Oct 2022 11:24

The spooky season is here, and as the gaming world celebrates all things that go bump in the night, big games like Call of Duty and Fortnite prepare to unveil their offerings to the occult. Even though you might not expect the usually family-friendly Roblox to get in on the action, that blocky builder is saying "praise Satan" in 2022.

If you've never watched Sleepy Hollow (we suggest the Ricci and Depp one), the Headless Horseman is an urban legend about a Hessian trooper who lost his head in battle, then comes back at Halloween with a pumpkin for a head - claiming the head of others to replace the one he lost. None of this sounds very Roblox-friendly, but as usual, Roblox Corporation has put a kiddy twist on it.

How Can You Get The Headless Horseman Bundle In Roblox?

What makes the Headless Horseman bundle one of Roblox's must-haves is its rarity of only coming out once a year, coupled with the fact you can turn any avatar into a headless homage throughout the year. The problem comes from the fact it costs a whopping 31,000 Robux - which works out at about $300.

Wearing the Headless Horseman avatar in Roblox has become the ultimate flex on how deep your wallet is. Shelling out hundreds on an in-game avatar is a luxury few of us can afford, meaning flaunting it is something of a status symbol. Some kind souls have been gifting the equivalent Robux for a Headless Horseman bundle to those who can't afford it... but beware. 

These giveaways are everywhere, leading to #HeadlessHorseman trending on gaming Twitter. It all sounds well and good as those Roblox content creators get their name out there and earn a wedge from views, while you can enter a competition to nab the Headless Horseman. It should be win-win, but obviously, there are scammers putting the trick in trick or treat.


What Is The Headless Horseman Scam?

Headless fever has gripped the Roblox world, and if you follow the #HeadlessHorseman hashtag you'll see memes galore. It's unlike anything we've seen before, as players are creating whole presentations on why someone should gift them the Robux to buy the Headless Horseman. Responding to the influx of giveaways, one person wrote, "I am f*****g pissed by how much headless horseman giveaways there are, I cant do this no more, PLEASE JUST SAVE ME FROM THE LOOP OF BLOCKING FAKE SH*T."

Another added, "STOP IT WITH THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN GIVEAWAYS. Majority are fake They're messing with the tl a lot And headless is overrated." A third even had the cojones to write, "I see a lot of fake Headless giveaways, so if this tweet gets 7 likes I’ll host a real Headless Horseman GIVEAWAY!" It's a minefield out there, so don't lose your head over all these fake Headless Horseman bundle giveaways. 

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