Rainbow Six Siege Devs Want The Game To Be Around Until 2035

Rainbow Six Siege Devs Want The Game To Be Around Until 2035
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19th Feb 2023 22:00

Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow, with four new seasonal content drops each year. Having launched in December 2015, however, it's reasonable to wonder how long it can continue.

While Overwatch has been entirely replaced by its sequel, Rainbow Six Siege is not only aiming to reach its tenth-year anniversary by continuing to add new Operators and updates, but according to the game's Creative Director Alex Karpazis, they're aiming even further.

At a recent Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 preview event, the development team set an ambitious target of a further ten years of Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Wants To Be Around Until 2035

We asked Karpazis if the development team ever feels constrained by Siege's ageing skeleton as the game prepares to kick off Operation Commanding Force. Still, he says the team continues to overcome "major technological and game design hurdles when the team realises that that's the next step".

"That's the inherent challenge of a live game, especially one that's been, eight years in the making. Honestly, our team loves that kind of challenge," he explains.

"You see it with cross-play and cross-progression that launched last season, that was a massive undertaking. Cross-play and cross-progression didn't even exist in our minds when it was 2015 and we launched."

Operators in Year 8 will follow a theme, Karpazis says, responding to a specific need or action in team composition, beginning with Y8S1's Brava. We asked if there's a fear of Operators feeling too similar, or offering too much overlap with one another in that scenario - is there any room to innovate for another ten years?

"A hundred per cent," Karpazis says.

"Our goal with Year 8 is to make sure that each operator has their unique story that they can tell. There will be moments where we'll see a role or an action, or a specific Operator that's taking a lot of the limelight because of how essential they are to the meta of Siege.

"We've done it before with hard breachers even, where we develop operators to help relieve some of that pressure and give more options and more variability to the players so that they aren't always picking that one operator."

"We also love a challenge and we love new things as well," he says.

Will There Be A Rainbow Six Siege 2?

So, speaking of new things and onto the subject that the community has been asking about for a while -- will Rainbow Six: Siege ever get a sequel?

Karpazis is absolute in his response: "There are no plans for Siege 2".

For more of our interview, be sure to check out Karpazis breaking down the new Operator, Brava, as well as everything coming in Year 8.

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