Everything The Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Do Differently

Everything The Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Do Differently
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Kiera Mills


12th Dec 2022 09:48

Resident Evil fans have long awaited a remake of one of the most cherished titles in the franchise, Resident Evil 4.

With it finally on the cards following the successful remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, players have revealed what they wish to change about the game and which aspects they can't wait to see again with upgraded graphics.

Below, we'll list the top features we want the Resident Evil 4 remake to change to Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, and (obviously) Ashley Graham. 

Paint It Brown

Resident Evil 4
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Considering the events of Resident Evil 4 first take place in a secluded village in Spain, there is a distinct lack of colour. It seemed to be a trend in the early 2000s where everything had to be brown, and every environment looked the same as a result.

With the stunning graphics revealed in the announcement trailer, we expect to see more varied environments. Set design can be moody and spooky without it being devoid of colour.

Let's Tank Our Way Through It

Resident Evil 4
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There's a reason why tank controls are a thing of the past. They were awful. The biggest gripe I had with the original Resident Evil 4 and the main thing that impeded me was the tank controls. In particular, the terrible aim system and the inability to aim your guns and move at the same time.

Resident Evil 4 was revolutionary for its time. It was the first well-known game to popularise an over-the-shoulder camera viewpoint in games. For that, we love Resident Evil 4, but it's time for a refresh to the controls.

Quick Time Events

Resident Evil 4: quick-time events
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As a rule, the quick-time events in Resident Evil 4 always felt a tad out of place. Unlike recent horror games, failing quick-time events don't lead to branching paths of the narrative, instead, you fail and must start the game segment again.

This ultimately takes your immersion away and can feel frustrating. This is, of course, reflective of the time it was first released. In 2005, Resident Evil was trying to branch more into the action-horror genre of games.

Everything About Ashley

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ashley
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Ashley Graham is perhaps the most hated character in the Resident Evil universe, and is a serious contender across all games. This was completely justified, as Ashley is the most whingey and useless NPC ever.

Most of your time is spent telling her to hide, only for her to get caught and scream out "Leon" - the most memed line in gaming history. We'd like to see her take a leaf out of the other side characters' books and be useful, or at least hide on her own without us having to tell her to every time.

The classic damsel in distress gimmick gets old real fast, so it would be great even if she had a small shiv or anything as a last-ditch defence... without needing Leon to run to her rescue every time. While we're glad to see the return of Leon's classic brown bomber jacket, an outfit we're okay with changing is Ashely's.

There has always been a strange over-sexualisation of Ashley with her classic schoolgirl outfit, despite the fact she is supposed to be much older. We're happy to see this changed, along with the suggestive lines between her and Leon.

Ultimately, there isn’t much we would change about this horror classic. All the cheesy one-liners and finishing moves, the setting, and the story, it's all brilliant, and we can't wait to see the Resident Evil 4 remake's upgraded graphics on next-gen consoles. Where's everyone going – bingo?

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