Call Of Duty Devs Are Rewarding Fans Who Splashed Their Cash

Call Of Duty Devs Are Rewarding Fans Who Splashed Their Cash

Written by 

Jack Marsh


24th Aug 2022 16:09

It's not like Call of Duty to give out too much grace to their players after they've got their cash through endless microtransactions, but it appears the developers have realised that their end-of-game bundles could do with a little boost, much to the liking of fans.

Activision's latest crossover has seen Arnold Schwarzenegger enter the game through The Terminator. Two bundles were released into the store, and despite having a shelf life of only a few months, fans enjoyed the content.

With the Terminator crossover leaving the store for Season 5, the developers have now decided that Arnie's famous line should be honoured. If you splashed out on the Terminator bundles, the rewards 'will be back'.

Call Of Duty Adding More Rewards To Terminator Bundles

Starting in early September, a week after Season 5 kicks off and The Terminator bundles are eclipsed by The Umbrella Academy, players who have bought both of the bundles for the Terminator crossover will begin to receive even more rewards.

The two bundles will have already given you two operators, "Mastercraft Ultra" and "T-1000 Ultra", and two tracer pack weapons, but if you've grabbed both of them, you can expect more guns.

Only players who have bought both of the bundles will qualify for these rewards. You will not be applicable if you only purchased one.


The Terminator Crossover Extra Rewards

Those who qualify for the rewards will first receive the "Target Legendary Acquired" weapon blueprint and the "Endoskeleton Skull" charm - albeit these will be littered out over a number of days.

The blueprint points at an unnamed weapon, although we do know it is one of the Light Machine Guns, and will likely have some form of tracer rounds.

Unfortunately, the rewards won't continue over to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, but at least you can enjoy some freebies while you can.

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