BONECOLD's Esports Journey, Idolising Räikkönen, And Spearheading Rookie Rosters

BONECOLD's Esports Journey, Idolising Räikkönen, And Spearheading Rookie Rosters
Image via Red Bull

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Jack Marsh


9th Dec 2022 14:20

He gave himself one more year to be a professional player. As an avid student, Santeri "BONECOLD" Sassi nearly wrote off a career in esports before it had even began, and having only previously dipped his toes into the water, his last-chance saloon was one that would see him dive straight into the deep end to really test his minerals.

The Finnish-born VALORANT star is now a previous world champion, having catapulted through the EMEA scene to dominate on the international stage.

Now, Sassi is starting pastures new, and having completed a transfer from Acend to Team Vitality earlier this year, he's hoping to spearhead a brand-new rabble of rookies back to the top of VALORANT esports.

With the rosters' first appearance together coming at the Red Bull Home Ground, we spoke to BONECOLD about the unorthodox journey through Finnish esports schools to becoming a world champion, idolising Formula 1's Kimi Raikkonen, the incredible Golden Hornet's support, and the shades of Acend in the new-look Vitality roster.

Team Vitality will be looking to have a successful VCT warm-up at the Red Bull Home Ground, where they face hot favourites Cloud9, underdog's FOKUS, and an equally new-look KRU Esports.

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